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Elin Rosseland & Johannes Eick duo

Parma JazzFrontiere festival
17.oct. 2021 foto : Elisa Magnoni

  2024 :

Recording new album 8.-14 jan , "Golder "
Thor Neby studio

2023 concerts :
  7.jan  Herr Nilsen ,Oslo Jazzforum kl.16
 13.jan  Norwegian Academy of Music kl.18

22.sept Urijazz,Tønsberg
9.des Galleri Vanntårnet ,Nesodden Jazzklubb



Elin Rosseland/Johannes Eick duo.

Collaboration from 1982.
Started playing together in the band :"Fair Play " and Kix.Also with other bands and musician,amongst others Christian Wallumrød,
Rob Waring. 
And as a duo again in 2020

,recorded CD: "Gold" with releaseconcert at Jazzfest in Trondheim nov 2020.
Autumn 2021,tour : Hammerfest ,Arctic cultural center,Tromsø Jazzclub,Parma Frontiere Jazzfestival .

Concerts :
24.sept Voxlab springfestival,

sentralen ,Oslo

20.febr ,Kampenjazz ,Oslo

Elin Rosseland and Johannes Eick are both composing the music.

Equal roles.

Challenge the sound of voice/effects/double 6 string bass,effects.

Deep and high range.

Space,sound and definitly improvisations,and different forms.

Video music "BLUES " from CD : GOLD

05 Qqelin rosseland,johannes eickd duo
02 Silence Wind and Water 1elin rosseland,johannes eickd duo
04 Flyr 1elin rosseland,johannes eickd duo

Kampenjazz 20.febr 2022 foto : Käthe Øien

10 Runelin rosseland,johannes eickd duo

Kampenjazz 20.febr 2022 foto : Katrine Weisteen Bjerde

 concert grenland jazzclub 26.sept 2020 foto:Kai Hansen

Johannes Eick 


elin rosseland 


rosseland,eick duo


youtube ,duoen song "run"


  • Johannes Eick on instagram
  • elin rosseland on instagram
  • Facebook rosseland,eick duo
  • YouTube rosseland,eick duo fra platen "GOLD" : Run
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