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Elin Rosseland & Johannes Eick duo

New cd : FLUT 
Johannes Eick,Elin Rosseland Duo
Music by Johannes Eick
and improvisations by the duo


Parma JazzFrontiere festival
17.oct. 2021 foto : Elisa Magnoni

Elin Rosseland/Johannes Eick duo.

Collaboration from 1982.
Started playing together in the band :"Fair Play " and Kix.Also with other bands and musician,amongst others Christian Wallumrød,
Rob Waring. 
And as a duo again in 2020

,recorded CD: "Gold" with releaseconcert at Jazzfest in Trondheim nov 2020.
Autumn 2021,tour : Hammerfest ,Arctic cultural center,Tromsø Jazzclub,Parma Frontiere Jazzfestival .

Concerts :
24.sept Voxlab springfestival,

sentralen ,Oslo

20.febr ,Kampenjazz ,Oslo

Elin Rosseland and Johannes Eick are both composing the music.

Equal roles.

Challenge the sound of voice/effects/double 6 string bass,effects.

Deep and high range.

Space,sound and definitly improvisations,and different forms.

Video music "BLUES " from CD : GOLD

  2024 :

Recording new album 8.-14 jan , " FLUT "
Thor Neby studio

2023 concerts :
  7.jan  Herr Nilsen ,Oslo Jazzforum kl.16
 13.jan  Norwegian Academy of Music kl.18

22.sept Urijazz,Tønsberg
9.des Galleri Vanntårnet ,Nesodden Jazzklubb


05 Qqelin rosseland,johannes eickd duo
02 Silence Wind and Water 1elin rosseland,johannes eickd duo
04 Flyr 1elin rosseland,johannes eickd duo
10 Runelin rosseland,johannes eickd duo

Kampenjazz 20.febr 2022 foto : Käthe Øien


Kampenjazz 20.febr 2022 foto : Katrine Weisteen Bjerde

 concert grenland jazzclub 26.sept 2020 foto:Kai Hansen

Johannes Eick 


elin rosseland 


rosseland,eick duo


youtube ,duoen song "run"


  • Johannes Eick on instagram
  • elin rosseland on instagram
  • Facebook rosseland,eick duo
  • YouTube rosseland,eick duo fra platen "GOLD" : Run
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