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Projects in 2023


 Oslo 14 vocal ensemble comissioned work : "Glass"  mus.Elin Rosseland,lyrics Sidsel Endresen,video Peter Baden.

  Soloist with Hanna Paulsberg project,nov 2023

  New project : ELband 

  Continue with ongoing projects from 2022:
  Torgrim Sollid Project,Meson.
 elin rosseland quartet.

  Soloproject voice,theremini,electronics.


2024 :
   New /Old project :
   Recording,Rainbow studio march.

  Air Play - hommage to
  Trond Kopperud,drummer ,Fair Play,
  Elin Rosseland,voc,Tor Yttredal,sax,
  Vigleik Storaas,pno,Johannes Eick,bass.


2024 :
Starting new choir  : "new voices sound around"
Commissioned work for this with support from 
the Norwegian composer's fund : " New Voices Sound Around "



Concerts 2023 :

7.jan Oslo Jazzforum ,Rosseland,Eick duo
13.jan Norwegain Academy of Music,
Rosseland,Eick duo

15.april  :
Oslo 14 vocal ensemble
concert in Skien,Jazzprisen 2023.NJF .

Excerpt premiere from comission work :  
"Glass - mirror-reflection"
mus .Elin Rosseland,text Sidsel Endresen
Premier autumn 2023
Also with Peter Baden ,video projection.

21.july 2023 Moldejazz :
MESON with Torgrim Sollid,Ingeborg Gravem Sollid,Andreas Wildhagen,Elin Rosseland

22.9  Urijazz
Elin Rosseland, Johannes Eick duo 

6.-18. nov 2023 :
Tour with Hanna Paulsberg project  :
and recording in Oslo.

24.-25.concert /seminar MESON ,Voxlab ,Oslo

Nesodden jazzklubb,Galleri vanntårnet ,Elin Rosseland,Johannes EIck duo

22.12  Herr Nilsen with Tore Johansen,Per Huseby,Arild Andersen,Espen Rud.

Concerts  2024

16.mars AIR PLAY . Nasjonale Jazzscene  
Vigleik Storaas,Tor Yttredal,Elin Rosseland,Johannes Eick

Vigleik Storaas,Tor Yttredal,
Elin Rosseland,Johannes Eick

Design Helga Bu
Foto Tore Sætre,
Svein Erik Fylkesnes
Carl Størmer,Helmut Dobratz


AIRPLAY blå .jpg


Ingeborg Gravem Sollid,Elin Rosseland,
Torgrim Sollid,Andreas Wildhagen
foto :Thor Egil Leirtrø.
Moldejazz 21.7.23



 Projects in 2022:

  Commissioned work for Oslo14 Vocal ensemble  : "GLASS"
  Torgrim Sollid project,recording : CD Meson,
  released 20.12.2022
  elin rosseland kvartett ,recording CD : "Ocean",
  released 6.jan 2023
Elin Rosseland,Johannes Eick duo concserts ,tour.

  New Label :   roselyd music



Concerts 2022 :
17.oct. Torgrim Sollid "Meson" quartet
and  release SØYR homepage


20.febr 2022 kl.20
kampenjazz  with  johannes eick 

Oslo 14 vocal ensemble ,

premiere "GLASS"


21-23:febr seminar and concert with students at Stavanger universty.Concert Blå-Trå.

Producer ,singer for Thomas Tvedt and recording of his new EP .


Recording new album : "ocean" nov 2022 elin rosseland  comissioned work.
Supported by Arts Council Norway                  


Teacher at jazzsummercourse ,Agder folk college Søgne ,
31.july-7.august 2022:


24.sept concert 
elin rosseland,johannes eick duo, VOXLAB,sentralen ,Oslo


AICutout_idlf elin helge bilde 6.png
kampenjazz febr 2018 foto: käthe øin
From concert Parma Jazz Rosseland,Eick duo
From concert with students at Stavanger university.Concert Blå-Trå,Spor 5,23.2.2022
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