Projects in 2022:

1. Commissioned work for Oslo14 Vocal ensemble  : "GLASS"
2. Trogrim Sollid project,recording ,concerts.

3. New band ELband with Jørn Øien
4. Soloproject voice,electronics  and theremini

5.New Label :   roselyd music



Concerts :
2023 : elin rosseland,johannes eick duo 
Oslo Jazzforum 7.jan ,Urijazz,Tønsberg.

2022 :17.oct. Torgrim Sollid "Meson" quartet
and  release SØYR homepage


20.febr 2022 kl.20
kampenjazz  with  johannes eick 

Oslo 14 vocal ensemble ,

premiere "GLASS"


21-23:febr seminar and concert with students at Stavanger universty.Concert Blå-Trå.

Producer ,singer for Thomas Tvedt and recording of his new EP .


Recording new album : "ocean" nov 2022 elin rosseland  comissioned work.
Supported by Arts Council Norway                  


Teacher at jazzsummercourse ,Agder folk college Søgne ,
31.july-7.august 2022:


24.sept concert 
elin rosseland,johannes eick duo, VOXLAB,sentralen ,Oslo


 Projects in 2023 :
1. New band project ,recording spring 2023
2. Start project to compose for choir ,for recording,publishing.
3. Continue with ongoing projects from 2022.



From concert Parma Jazz rosseland,eick duo
AICutout_idlf elin helge bilde 6.png
From concert with students at Stavanger university.Concert Blå-Trå,Spor 5,23.2.2022
kampenjazz febr 2018 foto: käthe øin